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Welcome to the forefront of children's educational games evolution!

Motion: The New Way for Learning

We are revolutionizing the educational landscape by merging the excitement of gaming with learning, transforming screen time into engaging educational adventures. Our platform captivates children with motion-based, interactive gaming that blend fun and learning, sparking their curiosity.


Hyperactive Games innovatively blends AI and motion capture technology to transform educational gaming. Our AI tailors the gaming experience to each child's learning style, enhancing engagement and retention. Simultaneously, our motion capture technology, powered by advanced computer vision, turns physical movement into interactive gameplay, fostering active learning. This combination results in a captivating, dynamic educational platform that encourages both mental and physical participation in the learning process.

Children are playing an interactive game in front of the TV.

Concept Games

The Blend of Interactive Runner and General Knowledge Challenges!

Meow Motion

Hyperactive Games Meow Motion Runner Concept

Boost Physical Fitness and Reflexes in an Exciting Goalkeeping Adventure!

GRIP: Goalkeeper

Hyperactive Games GRIP: Goalkeeper Concept Game

Master Arithmetic in a Thrilling Race of Numbers and Quick Reflexes!

Math Maze

Hyperactive Games - Math Maze Concept Game
Hyperactive Games Design & Development Team

About Us

At Hyperactive Games, we're a team driven by the synergy of technology and educational research. Our experts in game design, AI, and computer vision collaborate to create research-backed, engaging educational games. Dedicated to transforming learning into an exciting journey, we ensure every game is as informative as it is fun, inspiring a new generation of learners.

Join us on a thrilling journey where interactive experiences redefine the future of childhood education.

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